How It Works


Install Armor Base

The Mailbox Armor base only needs to be installed once, and it doesn't require concrete.  Bury the base in the ground in front of your mailbox.  Ensure the top of the pole inserts are level with the ground.  Fill in the space around the base with dirt.  Your base is installed!


Insert Support Poles

Mailbox Armor poles are lightweight and durable.  They easily slide into the base and quickly remove for a clean summer curbside.


Attach Armor Shield

The Mailbox Armor shield slides onto the poles without complex fasteners.  The shield design allows for easy on / easy off.

When the winter ends, just slide the Mailbox Armor shield off of the poles and remove the poles from the underground base.  The Mailbox Armor base remains in the ground year round.  

Place the Mailbox Armor poles and shield into the underground base when you are ready for mailbox protection next winter.